Tips on getting to sleep in the third trimester

By the time I reached the third trimester, you could pretty much pull up a chair and use my bump as a table, if I chose to lie down! The phrase, there she sails springs to mind! Anyway suffice to say, I carried a pretty heavy load up front... which sometimes made it hard to get comfy at night.

By the time you are heading into the home strait, it’s not always easy to feel comfortable in any position, especially at nighttime and let’s not even get started about the frequent trips to the loo... All this can lead to you feel pretty tired.

So what can you do?

It is recommended you lie on your left side and avoid lying on your back for long periods. If you are finding it hard to get comfy, think about buying a pregnancy pillow or if you prefer not to buy one of these, just use regular pillows to cushion behind your back and under your tummy. This helps particularly if you are suffering from back pain.

If you are finding you are waking up a lot during the night to go to the loo, think about reducing the number of drinks towards the early evening onwards. Your poor old bladder is being squeezed by your growing baby and it therefore makes it easier for you, if it is not quite so full at night!

Some mums-to-be suffer from restless leg syndrome. Taking a warm bath, massaging the legs and doing gentle exercise can help alleviate the symptoms. It has also been suggested that cutting down on caffeine can also help.

Heartburn can also prevent you from getting to sleep, particularly in the third trimester. Cutting down on certain foods can help minimise the chances of getting it. So go easy on the chocolate, spice, citrus fruits and of course caffeine!

If you tend to suffer from cramps, try stretching out your leg muscles before you go to bed.

If your little one appears to be a night owl and is intent on putting on a performance each night, rather than in the day, it can be another reason why it’s hard to sleep in latter stages. Remember to Count the Kicks so you can be aware of any reduction in movement throughout the day.

Just can’t nod off? Your mind is no doubt going into overdrive as you head towards the birth of your baby, with your To-Do list no doubt ever growing! Try using relaxation techniques (breathing really can help) read a book or listen to music. I’m a great believer in a nice warm bath to help you feel relaxed too.

Have you any tips for sleeping better in the third trimester? If you’ve had more than one child, did your pregnancies differ? What techniques can you suggest?

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