Top tips for baby sleeping part II

Blackout blinds

The slow change from dark to light can help wake us up, but in some cases you want to avoid that. Investing in black out blinds can help promote longer sleeps for you and your baby as well as to some extend helping to block out noise. We hung ours from the inside of the existing curtains.

Watch out for Caffeine

Not only keeps you awake but can be past on to your baby via breast milk. 

Baby Massage

We tried this and we never really found it very effective, but other people swear by it. Try and see if it works for you. Just before sleep what some people find effective is gentle stroking the infants nose in a downward motion. 

Be noisy

Sometimes babies and even adults are able to sleep better with some (gentle) background noises, there are various tracks you can buy, even some devices. Again see what works for you, but be wary of buying an expensive gizmo that you only use one.


What ever it is like for you (and believe me every one has a difference experience  in fact one friend has a daughter who is active and thrives on a minimum of sleep, their new baby appears permanently unconscious) try not to stress about it. The more you worry about sleeping patterns the bigger an issue it will seem.


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