Trip to the Beach

Wow a sunny bank holiday weekend! I cant remember the last time that happened.

We wanted to make the most of the sunshine as a family and decided to head to the beach. I loaded up the car with bottles of water, lots of snacks that dont melt and factor 50 suncream. The children were kitted out with hats and long sleeve tops and we were ready for the off. I dont know about you but I always have a check list of things I must take to the beach. Here is my list of essentials.

High factor suncream. As a tip, pop this on before you get to the beach as not only will your little ones not want to stay still when you get there it also prevents you getting your sticky freshly creamed skin covered in sand! Remember to reapply the cream when needed though, especially if it isnt waterproof.

Hats for everyone. You can even get swim hats now so there is no excuse not to be covered up!

Long sleeve rash vests. I love these and you can buy them cheaply now too. They are so comfortable to wear and if you make sure you buy the type with UV protection you can rest easier letting your child play in the sun.

Water bottles that I froze the night before. I always take loads of water with us as dehydration is not only dangerous it also makes for really grumpy kids!

Towels and a big umbrella. Not just good for shielding you from the sun but also a handy marker for your picnic spot.

Several plastic bags. Ideal for popping wet clothes and rubbish in.

Sand toys! Buckets, spades and diggers to name just a few. A childs imagination has so much scope at the seaside!

Wipes and paper towels. Wipes are not just for nappy changes but great for sandy hands before you eat.

Changes of clothes. To be honest this is a staple in my nappy bag anyway especially as my kids always get horribly car sick and its a regular occurrence that we have to change vomit covered clothes. But I guarantee you a nicer journey home if your little ones are in clean dry clothes in the car.

Changing pad. If your little one is still in nappies then this is a must! Sandy nappies are not nice at all!

Snacks. I take snacks that dont need to much fuss or handling. Grapes are great, and individually wrapped crackers. I also find wraps last better than sandwiches in the sun.

Change. This is the one I normally always forget. Change is always useful for parking and also ice-creams which are another seaside essential!

Obviously each family is different and will have their own essential items for a beach outing. If you think I have forgotten anything please drop me a message or write on our Facebook wall.

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