What can you buy a second time mum? Let us inspire you with some gift ideas

What can you buy a second time mum?  Perhaps Kate and Will’s friends and family are pondering that very question as we speak?! Irrespective of whether you have a whole wardrobe filled full of baby clothes, now grown out of by baby number 1, it is still lovely to be able to dress your second son or daughter in something brand new!

Maybe you are pregnant with baby number two and feel like dropping a hint or two, or maybe you know someone about to have a new addition to the family- take a look at our gift ideas for some inspiration!

All Change! We all know how having a baby and certainly a second baby brings about changes to your family, indeed Prince William described having a second child as a “game changer”, but in this instance, we are talking about changing bags! It might be a bigger bag is now needed in order to be large enough to accommodate all the paraphernalia associated with two children. Also we all love a new bag!

Free babysitting! All mums especially ones with a newborn and toddler on tow are grateful for the offer of free childcare! Whether it is for an hour or an afternoon, offering to take child number one off for awhile allows mum to spend some quality time with the baby. It is doubly effective as it also makes the now oldest child feel extra special.

Presents for toddler! Always appreciated as they can help keep him or her busy whilst mum is feeding or changing the baby. Activity type toys are the best- maybe some crayons, a book, a jigsaw for example or if you are feeling really generous a doll or teddy that can be dressed and fed at the same time as the baby!

Beauty boosters! Who doesn’t love to be given some special skin savers, pregnancy can leave your skin feeling really dry so a moisturiser would go down a treat, not to mention some actual makeup like mascara and foundation. As we all know it can be hard to go shopping with a new baby and a little one and treats like these will be especially appreciated.

Bibs and burp cloths! Of course it is also a great idea to replace bibs and burp cloths. Luckily, we have plenty of new designs to choose from all the time ( as well as some old favourites!)

Gift cards and certificates are also handy to receive, especially those redeemable online. Our gift certificates start from as little as £5 up to £50, that way mum can choose whatever they want, whenever they want! It might be they need some extra items once the baby has arrived.

Get Personal! Why not think about personalising your present, whether it’s a blanket, photo frame, door sign, adding a name always adds an extra special touch. We find mums and dads love creating their own unique bandana bibs.

Replenish the book shelf! Babies love books and as we know encouraging reading from an early age brings many benefits. Giving a new book is a super idea.

New teething toys! One thing is for sure every baby will be cutting new teeth at some stage, so new teethers and teething toys would come in very handy as these always need to be replaced.

A helping hand! If money is an issue, think about offering to lend a hand cleaning up or cooking the odd meal. This kind of present is something money truly can’t buy, but is worth its weight in gold!

Have you any ideas? What was your favourite gift?

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