What is in my changing bag?

This weekend I decided to be industrious and had a major clean out of my changing bag! I love my changing bag, it has seen me through all my kids and is still going strong with baby number 3. It is wipe clean which I love as it makes cleaning up milk and other spills super easy. This is what I found when I cleaned out my bag.

I always have a changing mat in my bag as when Im out with littlest one it takes the worry out of cleaning surfaces. It is the bulkiest thing in my bag but at least it provides somewhere clean and a bit more comfortable.

I always have a wet bag available where I can dump mucky clothes and dirty bibs and clothes. It means at the end of the day I dont have to rummage around trying to find the dirty things to wash, they are just there in a bag waiting to be cleaned.

Spare clothes. I think I may have mentioned that all my kids suffer with car sickness. They get it from me as I still cant sit in the back of cars without feeling queasy! Most of the time I have a spare change of clothes for all my children, or at least a clean top but littlest one never travels without at least one complete change of vest, top, trousers and bib!

Bird seed. No I dont make a habit of this, I just found an awful lot of it in my bag after frequent visits to our local lake! I have now cleaned it all out, although no doubt it will start filling up again as feeding the ducks is a favourite pastime in our house!

Baby wipes. I go through phases with baby wipes. I love Cheeky Wipes reusable wipes as they are amazing at cleaning up stinky bottoms and also they are much kinder to the planet. I do tend to have a pack of disposable ones as well though, just because you can never have enough baby wipes!

Bandana bibs and muslin cloths. All of my kids have dribbled and littlest one is no exception. I do find Funky Giraffe bibs are incredibly absorbent so I only get through 2 or 3 a day. Muslin cloths are great when I am burping baby as it catching any sick and dribble and they are so easy to wash.

Snacks and drinks. I always have bottles of water wherever I go and normally a couple of sesame snaps too in case of hunger related tantrums!

Oddly enough there were no nappies in my changing bag, how badly prepared is that! I have now added 1 disposable and a couple of the washable ones as I do prefer those ones but I am not perfect and sometimes just use the Aldi Mamia ones!

Of course my nappy bag contents changes regularly and when we go to the beach I find that it has normally been filled with rocks and shells! But those are my essentials, except the bird seed!

I would love to know what other people keep in theirs and hope yours was tidier and better organised than mine!

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