What to do on rainy days during the summer holidays?

What disappointing weather we are having currently. If you are like me you will have been scouring the weather pages trying to find a decent forecast but this week I have had no luck, they all say rain and sadly they have been right!
So I have had to ditch the garden plans and pop the paddling pool back in the shed and come up with other ideas to tire out my kids who are starting to whinge with the inevitable cries of Im bored Mummy!

Here are some things we have been doing and plan to this week.

Bake. This kills 2 birds with 1 stone as the kids enjoy it and we have ready made lunch or dinner. Yesterday we all made pizzas which is much easier than you might think. Pizza dough can be bought or made but you can also buy the bases too which takes a lot of the hassle out of the preparation. I then fill up bowls of tomato puree, sweet corn, cheese, pineapple, ham, onion, peppers, halved olives and anything else I can find that might go on a pizza and let the kids decorate their own. This works brilliantly as it will keep them entertained and they are far more likely to eat things that they have made themselves. They love making smiley faces with bits of pepper and olive eyes and then cackle with delight when they take a bite of their pizza monsters! We have also had fun making and decorating fairy cakes. Remember if you are worried about mess you can buy the fabulous long sleeved aprons from Funky Giraffe!

Make playdough. Actually because I have a six year old boy I decided to completely make his day and make Poo Dough instead! Dont worry, its not as gross as it sounds! You follow the instructions to make normal salty play dough but take out a cup of flour and add in a cup of cocoa. This makes the play dough smell amazing, so watch out younger children dont taste it, although if they do its not harmful and very salty so they will soon spit it out! The cocoa in the play dough turns the dough a rich brown colour so it looks like, yes you guessed it, POO!! Children will love it and you can also have fun learning about animal tracks this way too as they can make up different types of poo. We have made rabbit poo, cow poo and dog poo. Just be sure they know not to touch the real stuff when you are out and about!

Go outside anyway. As the scouts say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation. Make sure your little ones are well protected with waterproof coats and willies and go and find some puddles to jump in. The good thing about rain in the summer is it still relatively warm so an hour jumping in muddles and getting wet and muddy doesnt make the kids cold and it does let them blow off steam.

Hold an indoor treasure hunt. This is good to set up after the kids have gone to sleep. I bought some brightly coloured pegs and numbered them 1 to 10 although you can have as many or as few as you like. I then hid them all over the house. Once the children had had breakfast I told them to find all the pegs and once they had done it there was a surprise for them all. This turned out to be a brilliant idea as they all helped each other to find the more difficult ones and it kept them busy for almost 2 hours which gave me time to work without too many interruptions. Just dont expect your house to be tidy after small children and rampaged around it trying to find small wooden pegs!

I would love to hear your ideas for rainy day activities, feel free to let me know on our Facebook page.

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