Why and how should I keep a baby bump diary?

Writing a pregnancy diary can be extremely rewarding. You have something to look back on and something to share with your child which can be a magical gift for them but it is also practical too.

During pregnancy your body will change dramatically and it can be a bit worrying if you are not expecting certain things so keeping a diary can be quite reassuring as you will have a comprehensive account of what is happening that you can talk to your doctor about or ask advice from other mums. It is also very helpful if you have a second baby as you will be able to compare the two.

Women tend to remember very few pleasing details of their pregnancy, although there might be some aspects, which you had wished would get over, soon there are other aspects which you can cherish for several years to come. You might remember the traumas you went through during the pregnancy which includes heartburn, endless nausea and much more. But jotting down those precious feelings while you felt a life build inside you is second to none.

How do you get started?

Firstly set aside 15 minutes to half an hour every day and decide where you would like to write. Get yourself a book and a nice pen or if you prefer write on your computer or laptop. Make yourself a drink, turn your phone on silent and settle down for some time to yourself. This might be difficult if you have other children but make sure you have told your partner about this so they can help you out.

Dont plan what to write just start with the date and go from there. You can document your feelings, your worries, any pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing the good and the bad! You can also write about your plans, make to do lists and jot ideas down about the future, you could even write little messages to your child for them to read in the future. Something I did was record some of my dreams. I had a lot of anxiety dreams in my first pregnancy, and jotting these down helped keep them at bay and calm down my fears.

You can include such things as cravings you might be having, foods that you can no longer bear the smell of or even what you are enjoying reading or watching currently. All these will be a lovely thing to look back on for both you and your child.
Try writing for 10 minutes without stopping. If you run out of things to write about dont worry, there will be other things on other days and this doesnt need to be an epic tale of Tolstoy proportions!
Many of us mums experienced baby brain and it certainly made me very forgetful so having this diary was brilliant when I had my check-ups as I could document all the sill nagging questions I had and the midwives and doctors patiently answered them and then later I could write down what they had said (if I remembered that is!)

You could also use your diary as a scrap book too, keeping a record of pictures you took throughout your pregnancy of your growing belly. Maybe you took a babymoon and have tickets of things you did before another family member joined you. You could even get members of your family to write little notes about how they are feeling and then add that to your memories.

Remember every chapter of life brings changes into your life and in you. Pregnancy is a huge stage of your life, which not only changes you physically but mentally too. Thats why it deserves to be recorded at every stage. Its a safeguarded journey that you and your unborn baby embark on which makes it even more exciting to record.

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