Why Breast IS Best for YOU!

If you’re expecting a little one you will already know that there’s no substitution for breast milk for baby as the antibodies and nutrition give them the best start in life.

However, there are also many benefits for you too. Have you ever known a woman that is set against breastfeeding during pregnancy only to find that after trying it she breastfeeds for longer than any of your friends? This is because despite the tying nature and the sore nipples, there really is nothing quite like it.

The Bond
Breastfeeding seems to awaken some need inside us, it takes every mothering instinct we have and wraps it in a neat little bundle at feed time. There’s something indescribably about the feeling a mother gets when she knows she’s providing the food that will make baby grow big and strong.
Obviously, the closeness plays a huge part in this too and is often the reason why it’s the mums not the babies that have trouble giving the breastfeeding up.

The Weight Loss
If you’re already missing your flat stomach then breastfeeding is for you. Not only will you burn oodles of calories, your stomach muscles will tighten with every feed, which in my case made my belly flatter than ever before. There’s nothing quite like sculpting muscles from the inside out, breastfeeding is worth it for this alone.

The Protection
Not only does breastfeeding protect the baby against all manner of ailments, it also protects you against certain cancers. Not even modern medicine can do that!


Reduced risk of Asmtha

A number of studies have shown a link between breastfeeding and a lower risk of asthma later in life. It should be noted that not all studies show the same effect, but a study by Lodge, Tan, Lau et al Breastfeeding and asthma and allergies: a systematic review and meta‐analysis suggested a link

If you’re still against breastfeeding why not make a little compromise, try just the first three days so baby gets the colostrum which holds so many antibodies. You may find you love it or hate it, either way; you’ve made your own mind up rather than following the crowd.

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