Winter-proof your baby’s skin this winter

After the uncharacteristic above average temperature we’ve been experience in the last few weeks, the MET is predicting that the weather will finally turn. Whether we like it or not, the cold season is coming soon. And like the summer, winter brings its own peril to your baby’s skin. Cracked lips, chapped cheeks, windburn and eczema are just a few of the skin problems brought by winter. So, make sure that you protect your baby’s skin from the cold.


So, how do you keep your baby’s skin healthy this winter?
Cover up when outdoor
Strong wind and dry air can play havoc to your baby’s exposed skin, causing dry skin, chapped face and lips, and windburn, which much look and feel like sunburn. To avoid chapped face and windburn, use a hat with flaps secured under his or her chin. This will protect your baby’s ears and most part of his or face. A soft scarf will also do the trick and probably be more comfortable for your baby as it will rub. Its also best to put a spare bandana bib in your baby’s changing bag. It can be a good substitute if you forget to bring a scarf.
Keep baths to a minimum
Having a long hot bath may feel good to adults, but they are bad for babies’ skin. For one, long baths sapped moisture out of your baby’s skin, taking away essential oil that keeps your baby’s skin smooth and supple. Also, when giving your baby a bath, make sure the water is lukewarm, not warm because the warmer the water, the more moisture it saps out of your baby’s skin.
Don’t use soap
Unlike adults, babies don’t smell, so you don’t need soap. Soap is made to remove oil from the skin. As your baby’s skin is already dry, you don’t want to strip it of more oil. If you feel you need soap to clean dirty areas like the genitals and the hands, use emollients.
Pat don’t rub
When drying your baby after bath time, don’t rub the towel briskly. Instead, pat your baby’s skin dry. The process will leave a thin layer of moisture in your baby’s skin.
Use baby moisturiser after bath and before dressing your baby to go outdoors. Moisturise will seal the moisture left in the skin and stop the cold from dehydrating your baby’s skin.

Give your baby plenty of water

Giving your baby plenty of water will replace the moisture he or she’s lost and will stop her from dehydrating. Your baby needs an ounce of fluid per pound of weight per day.

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