Your Mother’s Advice: Obey or Ditch?

When you become a mother, you’ll realise and appreciate how much your mum did for you when you were little. You’ll also realise that a mother never stops being a mum and your mum will try to tell you what to do with your own baby. And since she managed to raise you and you’ve turned out fantastically well, she will have even more reasons to think that she knows best. Here, we’ve put together some of the mad advice you’ll likely to get from your mum.

Wean him early
Your mother may swear that you had solids before you were three months’ old, therefore, you should introduce solids as soon as possible. But this isn’t really a good idea. Your baby’s digestive system isn’t fully developed until he is about four months. So, better hold off until your baby is over four months.

Your baby needs formula milk
Between the 60s and the 80s, bottle-feeding was fashionable. Formula milk was seen as healthier option. That’s because, formula milk has higher protein and mineral content than breast milk, while breast milk has higher lactose content. So, if you were born during these decades, your mum would have been told by experts that formula milk is best.

But, although formula milk sounds healthier on paper, breast milk is still best as it is specially formulated to the right composition to meet the needs of human babies. For example, protein found in breast milk is easier to digest, than protein from cow’s milk, which is what formula milk is generally made of. The high lactose content in breast milk is necessary as it contributes to the development of larger brain.
How you feed your baby is a personal choice. If you want to give breastfeeding a go, stick to it, and turn a deaf ear to mummy’s well-meaning advice.

Don’t let your baby suck his thumb; he will have buckteeth
 Since your baby doesn’t have any teeth yet, and he has been sucking his thumb since before he was born, it’s not likely to harm him. However, by the time your child turns four, and his permanent teeth are starting to grow, it will be best to heed your mother’s advice.

How to handle your mother’s advice
As long as you don’t live with your parents, the best way to handle your mother’s advice is to ignore it, and go with what you believe is right. However, if you live with them and they actively share the care with your baby, it might be more difficult. You’ll just have to grin and bear it. Or move out.

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