Should I buy bibs for my Baby?

Do babies need bibs?

First of all babies are different. As illustrated by our own children, our son, I only half-jokingly say we had to build a bib factory just to keep up with him. Our daughter, on the other hand, was the opposite, barely any dribble except when she was teething.


As children reach various developmental stages their body changes and thus the amount of dribble they produce and their ability to swallow changes also.
Every parent should first consider items which are practical. A few bibs which can save having to change a top or stop your child’s chest getting damp and cold are practical items to keep handy to make your life easier. Though you may find that you child needs more at certain times.


  • Bibs are easier and cheaper to clean than a whole outfit
  • Bibs are easier and quicker to change than babies’ clothes
Funky Giraffe, do I need to buy bibs less washing

Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs make every outfit fun and it’s great to bond with your baby by dressing them up.

Funky Giraffe Bibs have the absorbent cotton front and the dribble resisting fleece on the back, making them both funky and practical.

Breastfeeding (and sometimes bottle)

By now I hope someone will have told you that Breastfeeding is hard. Both you and your baby need to learn how to do it and baby though they have the basic instincts now have to learn the fine motor skill to finesse their eating habits. Thus, they can be a bit messy. Absorbent bibs are great for catching excess milk and stop it enhancing the odour of their clothes.

Sickups (spitting up), normally in the first three months

No, it’s not the taste of what you ate last night, it’s a form of reflux called uncomplicated reflux. Although this can be a medical issue, normally it is just down to the infant swallowing milk too fast and bringing some of it back up. A bib after a feed can save a lot of extra washing, as can a Muslin Square or a Burp cloth over your shoulder.


The one period that almost every baby will need a bib. As the teeth cut through the gums the gums become irritated and the glands which produce saliva go into overdrive. As a baby does not have full control over its swallowing reflex until around 18-24 months old, then there is only one escape route for the dribble, down their chin and onto their neck & chest.

Dribble bibs protect babies skin Funky Giraffe

Don’t let your baby sleep in a bib so make sure you take it off before sleepy times.


Does my baby need bibs?

Should I buy bibs for my baby?

What age do babies need bibs?