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Welcome to Funky Giraffe, the only site you need to keep your baby dry, comfortable and looking like the true star they are! Our huge range of Bandana Bibs and other baby accessories are practical as well as stylish making these the must have accessories for your little wonder. New Gift Wrapping service available. See Celebrity babies wearing Funky Giraffe.

Our Bandana Bibs

Our Bandana bibs come in a range of unique designs with practicality and affordability in mind. You will not find these designs anywhere else as these truly are the genuine article.
With ethically sourced materials and being a company that focuses on the needs and desires of mothers and their babies and toddlers, we are proud to sell our bandanna bibs worldwide.
We have listened to feedback from many mums and brought together bibs that not only look brilliant and match any outfit, but make sure your baby is kept warm, dry and as cosy as possible.
Any mother knows that the conventional baby bib is hit and miss with babies. By their nature babies grab bibs and often cover their mouths with the fabric as mum tries to feed them. These bibs fit snugly ensuring baby feels at ease yet being secure enough so that they cannot be pulled off mid feed.
Our funky bibs are so stylish that the designs can suit any outfit, making them not only useful but a great fashion accessory too. Baby can wear the dribble bib for hours, which are ideal when teething, ensuring a dry chest at all times, and ultimately a happier baby.

Baby Gifts

Funky Giraffe Baby accessories are both practical and stylish and make great baby gifts for friends and family. With Funky Giraffe you know that your gift will be used. You can also have your order gift wrapped with your personal message making it an easy gift idea.

Funky Giraffe Celebrities

With such high quality fabrics and funky designs, our bibs and other baby accessories are often seen on the babies of famous people, see who has been seen wearing what recently

Bandana Bibs

Our bandana bib products are growing; recently we launched a questionnaire asking you what designs you’d like to see on our bibs. The results have been amazing, and as we’ve worked to produce incredible designs on your feedback, we’re overwhelmed by the results.
Our bandana bibs not only look great, made from soft cotton with a fleece backing, these will always keep baby dry.
We have a bandanna bib to suit and day or night time outfit, and as demand for our range grows we are also producing baby grows, extra large bibs, and romper suits!

Dribble Bibs

Our dribble bibs are made from soft brushed cotton, in house and designed by hand. They come complete with two sets of poppers that ensure a secure fit. These funky bibs are so fashion savvy and cosy they can be worn all day with a favourite outfit, and will never leak fluid onto baby’s back or chest.
The unique fleece backing prevents liquids soaking through the bib, making these the ultimate accessory for the weaning and teething baby.

Our Designs

We believe baby should be allowed to be fashion conscious, and we have never understood the marketing of white or beige bibs. By the very nature, weaning foods such as carrot, sweet potato and even rusks create stains on white bibs that are impossible to remove, making even the most expensive bib disposable after one use.

As well as researching the colour, we found that many bibs display designs that are all much the same. The alphabet, an elephant or numbers adorn these mass produced baby bibs making every baby look the same as soon as their clothes are covered.

Our bandana bibs come in a range of colours and designs that blend well with any outfit. Designed as an accessory to enhance a baby’s clothes, each one has been created with thought, intelligence and with baby and mum in mind.

Our designs are not only funky they are fun too and bound to be a talking point with any fellow parent.

We have plain bibs (not beige) that will compliment daytime outfits, whilst our pirate bibs and camper van bibs add a touch of your own personality to baby’s wardrobe.

Each design is created in house by the Founder of Funky Giraffe Bibs, and after an extensive successful career in fashion she is proud to combine her work experience with her love for her own little fashionista and share it with the rest of the world.

The range is always growing, and we always listen to what you want. So if you have any ideas we’d love to bring them to life in our baby bib range.

Our Products

Due to popular demand we are now increasing our range of products. We have baby grows, romper suits, adult bibs, messy bibs and extra large bibs now in stock.
Our ethical approach and concise design techniques are applied to all of our products making each one truly individual and unique without compromising on the quality and affordability.
Our products are all comfortable, easy to use, and bound to make baby your stand out in a crowd.

Our Blog

Our blog is proving to be popular so we promise to keep it updated on real tips for teething babies, weaning babies and parenting advice in general. We will not fill it with information you already know, we observe the true nature of parenthood and delve deep into the psyche of mums whilst listening to feedback to deliver high quality tips and advice that you won’t find anywhere else.
If you have a question you’d like us to answer honestly and in depth, please get in touch and we will do our best to make sure we answer it in our next blog giving value to every reader, and giving you five minutes peace as you settle down with your favourite hot drink to read it.

Get in Touch

We always welcome feedback from our customers and it is this that sets us apart from other baby websites. We listen carefully to the needs of mums and their babies and are always striving to improve. If you have a design idea or a suggestion please don’t hesitate to contact us, and you could see your feedback come to life. We often use peoples ideas they send us to make new designs for our bandana bibs.

Facebook and Twitter

We love knowing what you’re up to and there’s no better place to do this than on social media sites. We can see pictures of your babies in our funky bibs, and follow your baby’s progress. Please be sure to follow us there where we will keep you updated with news, views and special offers.

Baby Shows

Come and see us at a number of the UKs leading Baby Shows, including Baby Show Earls Court, Baby Show Excel, Baby Show NEC, Baby Show Birmingham, we have exclusive offers and free tickets to give away prior to the show.


Bandana Bibs

Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs are made of soft cotton with a fleece backing to keep dribble away from little chest. We have the widest choice of designs and colours of bandana bibs, as we make them ourselves so do not need to mass order and can make smaller quantities

Dribble Bibs

Dibble Bibs (also known as Bandana Bibs) are the perfect bib for daily ware to keep your child dry and their clothes cleaner.

Baby Hats

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