Black Mei Tai
Black Mei Tai
Black Mei Tai
Black Mei Tai
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Black Mei Tai

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Baby wearing is brilliant!

Dr Sears writes that baby wearing stimulates the infant’s vestibular system, the parts of the inner ear that work like levels or sensors to control the body’s sense of balance. The stimulation "helps babies breathe and grow better, regulates their physiology, and improves motor development"

This AMAZONAS Mei Tai is a perfect alternative to our classical baby sling and perfectly suitable for all babies from newborn.

All AMAZONAS slings are developed by German designers and they ensure your baby’s legs hips and back all are kept in the best position for a healthy and happy baby.

The Mei Tai has supremely comfortable padded shoulder straps which make it easy to tie without worrying about buckles and rings. It has all the advantages of a baby sling but is as easy to put on as a rucksack! The Mei Tai keeps your baby’s legs in the optimum ‘frog leg’ position and their spine in the ideal C shape all the while keeping them safe and snug next to you.

Both the shoulder straps and the waist straps are completely adjustable so it can be tailored to fit your body as well as your baby’s for ultimate comfort.

The AMAZONAS Mei Tai is made of 100% cotton which ensures breathability and washability! The straps and the headrest are padded on the most important parts to ensure utmost comfort.

Technical Data
Dimensions: approx. 33 x 45 cm
Length hip belt: 105 cm
Age: 0 - 3 years
Load capacity: max. 15 kg
Self-weight: approx. 0,45 kg
Weight: approx. 0,7 kg
Fabric: approx. 185 g/m²


Designed to keep the spine in safe position.

Designed to safely splay the hips

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