Are Your Products Ethical?

It depends what you mean by ethical, I suppose. This is what it means to us 

Do we use child labour, sweat shops, etc?

Absolutely not! We produce all our own products. That way we can maintain our high standards and ensure that nothing dodgy happens when we’re not around to check it. And, because we work in the factory where we make our products, it's definitely in our interest to maintain a good environment.

How much do we waste?

We use every last bit of fabric we can to avoid waste, which is why some designs are cut upside down (they’re still perfectly good at absorbing dribble, so we make them and give them away). We re-use clean boxes, and anything we can’t re-use ourselves we pay to have recycled. We aim to have the lowest possible carbon footprint.

How much packaging do we use?

We use the smallest amount of packaging we can while still ensuring that the items arrive in good condition. The packaging we use has an additive called Biothene®, which makes the plastic biodegradable – so it won’t be around when your baby has grown up!

How can I tell what size of Bandana Bib to go for?

Baby bandana bibs Neck size 30–35cm; drop from chin to point 17cm

XL bandana bibs Neck size 35–40cm; drop from chin to point 21cm

XXL bandana bibs Neck size 40–50cm; drop from chin to point 40cm

What are our Bandana Bibs made of?

We are very proud of our bandana bibs. We use a soft, non-fraying Jersey cotton on the front to absorb any dribble. We then apply a fleece backing, which acts as a barrier to stop any dampness soaking through to your child's chest, and the poppers we use are, of course, nickel-free. The bibs we print use a water-based screen printing ink, which doesn’t have the nasty solvents you normally find.

The final ingredients that go into them? A lot of care and love and a money-back guarantee that you’ll be happy with them.


What's the difference between the cotton and the Bandana Bibs?

Cotton backing was introduced in response to demand from France. The Summer can be hotter there and mums wanted a lighter bib. Cotton is also better for some skin conditions such as eczema, as the bib is more breathable and the cotton is less irritating. It’s not quite so good at resisting dribble soak-through, though. Most of our range uses a fleece backing.

Do you use poppers or velcro?

Poppers – nickel-free poppers, to be precise. We think they feel better and they won't damage other clothes in the wash.

My order is late. What do I do?

We’re really sorry about that. We pride ourselves on our customer service, so this is as frustrating for us as it is hugely irritating to you.

We try to resolve customers’ issues as swiftly as possible. But we do need to allow our postage service provider (normally Royal Mail) a reasonable amount of time to make the delivery – 15 working days under our terms with Royal Mail. If, once that time has gone by, the package still has not turned up, please email us – info@funkygiraffebibs.co.uk – stating your name, delivery address, and transaction number and date of purchase. We will use that as proof that the package has not been delivered, when we put in a claim with the carrier.

How much does it cost to send something overseas?

Our delivery and returns page has all our postage details. If you’ve still got any queries, please email us!

Can I make an overseas order?

Yes, we are always happy to send our bibs abroad. So far we have sent bibs to every country in the EU, to Iceland, Norway, US, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Australia (lots), New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India, and even to Guam, which I think is the furthest territory we have had orders from.

We would be delighted to add your country to the list! 

How safe are my card details on your website?

We use Shopify and PayPal (www.paypal.co.uk) to handle your actual payment. That way we can provide what is among the world’s most secure payment services.

All card details relating to the transaction are held with Shopify Payments and our bank, or with PayPal. We have no access to that data.

When you make a payment, you will be redirected to a secure website of either Shopify or PayPal to enter your details.

Please note: All transactions will appear as Maia's Company Ltd on your bank or credit card statement.

We have SSL certificates and employ McAfee to check our security on a daily basis.

How do I cancel an order?

If you would like to cancel your order, please email us at info@funkygiraffebibs.co.uk. We try to dispatch all orders within 48 hours, though, so, rather than canceling, you may need to follow the steps indicated in the returns section. You have up to seven working days to cancel your order (as allowed by the Distance Selling Regulations).

Why does the price in euros keep changing?

We use live foreign exchange prices to update the prices in euros. We are based in the UK, so the base prices are in GDP; the euro prices depend on the current foreign exchange rate. We don’t add a margin to the euro price, as some other companies do, so the price you pay will be the same. If you are paying from a euro account, though, there is less chance you will have to pay extra fees levied by your bank. 

What is your response time for email and telephone inquiries?

We aim to respond to all emails within two hours within UK working hours. This may not be possible during busy periods, but we would hope to respond to all emails within 24 hours during the working week.

We normally answer all telephone calls directly. If, however, we are not available, we aim to respond to any message within 24 hours or less during the working week.

Are your designs protected against intellectual property theft?

We have made all the designs on our bibs and clothes and spend time and money doing so. It takes a lot of effort to come up with ideas, try them out, redesign and perfect them.

We manufacture our own products in our own factory; we don’t make products for anyone else; we don’t give our designs to anyone else for them to manufacture ‘their own’ products.

Our designs belong to us; they are our intellectual property. All designs are registered or logged in a design database that enables us to take legal action against anyone who makes or sells our designs – this legal action could include seizing stock and damages. We don't want to take this action, but we would do so to protect our business.

We make our bibs to the highest standards, in an ISO9000 certified factory. We use only OEKO-TEX® certified fabric and we have our products tested in a laboratory to ensure their safety. Our customers trust us with products for their baby. We fear that, if other factories use our designs, people may confuse them with us.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do. Please email us at info@funkygiraffebibs.co.uk or see our dedicated wholesale site maiascompanyltd.com

Does your Giraffe have a name?

Yes he is called George (was named before HRH Prince George so we are flattered about that)

Is there a cut off for Next Day delivery?

Yes, its 2pm (sometimes later but we can't guarantee this) and please note that we can only send out on a normal working day (England) for delivery the next working day, so an order placed on Saturday or Sunday will be packed and sent for delivery on Tuesday. 


Does my Baby need bibs?

We have written up a helpful advise guide which you can read up and watch our video. Should I buy bibs for my baby?


Processing of your data

So you are informed of how we handle your data, we use Despatch Cloud to help process your orders and manage our stock. This means that your order data including name and address are processed by Despatch Cloud. You can learn more about how Despatch Cloud and how they Process Orders.