Star Baby Carrier
Star Baby Carrier
Star Baby Carrier
Star Baby Carrier
Star Baby Carrier
Star Baby Carrier
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Star Baby Carrier

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Good slings should always mimic the way you hold your baby in your arms and this CARRY STAR does exactly that. The CARRY STAR has been designed in Germany for optimum baby health and it’s good for your back too!

The CARRY STAR has an innovative ‘Grow and go’ system which means it can be adjusted to fit your baby and your body perfectly using five different settings.  This system keeps your baby’s knees even to or above their hips, with baby's spine in curved "C" position.

The CARRY STAR comes with a fully adjustable and detachable head support ensuring your baby’s head has optimal protection and support, especially in those formative months when they are gradually gaining strength in their neck. The neck support is ideal for when your baby is snoozing on you as you can be sure they are in a completely safe position.

The belts and straps – plus a clasp system – ensure that your baby’s weight is optimally distributed across your hips. This helps prevent back ache and strain, even after carrying your baby for long periods.

A myriad of clever features makes the AMAZONAS CARRY STAR unique. For There is an integrated waterproof cover, an adjustable hood, two detachable bibs, two detachable shoulder strap protectors and a practical pocket for storing small items. So you can always make sure emergency snacks and dummies are within your reach!

Technical data
Item no.: AZ-5039400
Length hip belt: 85 - 135 cm
Flexible seat: approx. 26 - 38 cm
Age: 0 - 3 years
Load capacity: max. 3 - 15 kg
Self-weight: approx. 1,2 kg
Weight: approx. 1,5 kg
Fabric: approx. 300 g/m²

Developed and designed with the support of leading baby wearing consultants and rucksack experts in Germany in accordance with DIN EN 13209-2:2005.

Designed to keep the spine in safe position.

Designed to safely splay the hips

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