Stone Grey Baby Carrier
Stone Grey Baby Carrier
Stone Grey Baby Carrier
Stone Grey Baby Carrier
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Stone Grey Baby Carrier

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A super easy and comfortable baby carrier to keep your baby close to you.

German engineered, this baby carrier is made of two loops which go across your body with no complicated knots.

Whatever your size and shape this baby carrier is incredibly comfortable and ensures you and your baby are supported.

Baby carriers are a fantastic way to transport your baby. The physical contact they will share with you promotes bonding and attachment and the ergonomic qualities of the carrier promotes healthy digestion, and prevents physical abnormalities associated with infants who spend large amounts of time lying on their backs or bellies (such as hip dysplasia, frog legs, or flattened skulls on the back or sides)

All AMAZONAS slings are sent with detailed instructions of how to use so you will quickly learn how to use them with your baby.

AMAZONAS CarryBabys are made of 100 % cotton, so they are breathable and pose no health risk whatsoever. The exclusive cotton jersey is splendidly elastic and yet provides the perfect hold.

Designed to keep the spine in safe position.

Designed to safely splay the hips

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