Smart Ultra-light Green Baby Carrier
Smart Ultra-light Green Baby Carrier
Smart Ultra-light Green Baby Carrier
Smart Ultra-light Green Baby Carrier
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Smart Ultra-light Green Baby Carrier

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Weighing just 370 grams, the AMAZONAS SMART CARRIER ULTRA-LIGHT is the ultimate in ultra-lightweight baby carriers. The highly breathable, extra-silky nylon material prevents heat build-up which makes this a perfect carrier for baby wearing.

Years of experience in the manufacture of baby carriers combined with modern carrying systems result in ergonomically ideal carrying. The flexible seat in the SMART CARRIER guarantees the important "frog-leg" position that is so important for the correct development of the pelvis.

The flexible, ergonomically shaped back section adapts perfectly to your baby's back, and encourages it to maintain a healthy rounded position.

If you suffer with a bad back the SMART CARRIER is perfect for you as the easy to adjust padded straps and optimum weight distribution over your hips mean that you can carry your baby comfortably for hours without backache. Perfect for shopping trips and even hiking!

The three buckles make the SMART CARRIER an extremely easy carrier to use and it comes with a flexible, adjustable, integrated hood, a small pocket on the outside and a storage bag.

The AMAZONAS SMART CARRIER ULTRA-LIGHT is suitable for babies from birth to infants of approximately 3 years of age.

Technical data
Item no.:
Length hip belt: 60 - 120 cm
Flexible seat: approx. 22 - 34 cm
Age: 0 - 3 years
Load capacity: max. 3,5 - 15 kg
Self-weight: approx. 0,37 kg
Weight: approx. 0,5 kg
Fabric: approx. 60 / 100 g/m²

Designed to keep the spine in safe position.

Designed to safely splay the hips

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